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Founded by Dr. SK Maini in 1973, The Maini Group is one of India's premier design and manufacturing entities, which pioneered the launch of India's first mass-produced electric car - Reva – in 2001. The Group is a flag-bearer for the design and manufacture of eco-friendly electric vehicles in India.

With research and development at the heart of the organisation, the Group has a domestic and global dominance in high-precision engineering components, materials handling, warehousing and logistics solutions, aerospace and electric vehicles.

Comprising the flagship Maini Precision Products, the Maini Group consists of Maini Plastics & Composites, Maini Materials Movement and Virya Mobility Solutions 5.0, the Maini Group has two joint ventures – with Armes Maini Storage Systems (JV with the Ferreto Group, Italy) and Sun Mobility (JV with SUN New Energy Systems).

With a manufacturing base in Bangalore, India, the Group’s warehousing and marketing networks extend across the globe, with over 75% of the products exported to over 200 satisfied customers across 25 countries. The Maini Group is characterised by its commitment to comprehensive customer care, sustained research, design, development and achieving global quality benchmarks and certifications.

  1. Maini Precision Products Ltd. is an end-to-end solutions provider engaged in process design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, & supply of a variety of precision products, aerospace components & assemblies.

  2. Maini Materials Movement Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1986 as a premium brand in material movement and in-campus electric mobility solutions.

  3. Maini Plastics & Composites enjoys a rich legacy of delivering high-quality ABS vacuum forming plastic products.

  4. Virya Mobility 5.0 LLP offers a complete range of e-mobility solutions encompassing electric power trains, vehicle integration and charging solutions.

  5. Armes Maini Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. was set up in the year 2007 when two global brands Armes and Maini decided to combine their knowledge and expertise in racking and storage solutions.

  6. SUN Mobility is a leading provider of universal energy infrastructure and services to accelerate mass electric vehicle usage and battery swapping.

All the Maini Group companies are pioneers and leaders in their fields, with a unified vision of the group's future. In keeping with the Maini DNA, each company builds relationships, integrates expertise and innovates continuously towards a future without boundaries.

Our Inspiration

For the Maini Group, corporate social responsibilities have been integral to our DNA since the beginning. We take inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita: "Karma parma dharma" which in its most inclusive sense means "Work is righteous living".

What we do

Gramothan Foundation actions are focussed on alleviating poverty and improving the quality of life in rural India. This, in turn, is expected to result in reducing the movement of rural people from villages to cities, enabling people to have good quality lives in their own homes.

Every village adopted by the Gramothan Foundation has a team of dedicated staff who take active part in the day-to-day functioning of the village, thereby developing a deep understanding of the needs as well as tracking the progress that the village is making. Trained personnel stationed in every village, will work with the Grama Panchayat and Trustees the Gramothan Foundation to identify and implement projects in the field of basic education, school infrastructure, health & hygiene through GF clinic, farming & non-farming work, develop a Sahaya Kendra to facilitate benefits from Government schemes for the village, adoption of elderly people and orphans, support for small business through our cooperative bank, women empowerment by teaching tailoring, dairy farming, honey bee forming, lantern-making, youth skill development with classes in driving, plumbing and electrical,etc. and overall development of the village by providing water and solar power.

On a case-by-case-basis, Gramothan Foundation supports the welfare of women through NGOs like Parihar (an initiative by the Bengaluru City Police). In addition, the Foundation Supports the construction of schools in places where there is need and supports talented and deserving youth in their pursuit of both sporting and academic excellence..

Social Responsibility


Together we can make a difference to the rural India. Help us in initiating a variety of actions that will target for eliminating poverty from rural India in the shortest possible time.

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