Education & Training

Building a Better Tomorrow

Schools have resumed after two years of Covid. Gramothan has undertaken repairs and maintenance of Schools, toilets, Electrification, water and teachers for five schools and resumed Yoga classes.

Adoption of Schools

Gramothan Foundation has adopted six schools and anganwadis where it provides basic education as well as facilities like clean toilets, drinking water, classroom furniture, uniforms, books and sports equipment. The Foundation also sponsors the education supplement – Vidyarthi Sanchike – published by Vijaya Karnataka (a Kannada newspaper) for students in the 10th standard.

Teacher Training and Student Scholarships

Gramothan Foundation offers training in computer courses for the teachers from the schools of DB Kuppe Grama Panchayat to enable them to be better equipped while they teach their wards in the villages. The Foundation awards scholarships to children who are economically backward to assist them in their higher studies. Students who secured more than 50 percent in SSLC and II PUC, have been given scholarships. Our teachers are conducting door to door campaigns for the school children to create awareness about hygienic at Home and Schools.

Construction/ Repair and Renovation of School Infrastructure

Gramothan Foundation has constructed schools in Pawagada and DB Kuppe villages, which offer all the basic amenities required at a school, including classrooms, toilets and kitchens, as well as access to drinking water. The Foundation ensures that one teacher is provided at each school especially to ensure that adequate care is given to both the children and the infrastructure.

Distribution of Educational Material

Gramothan Foundation aspires for the overall development of the children in the school of DB Kuppe Grama Panchayat. To this end, the Foundation has created libraries with a variety of books including – fiction & non-fiction, general knowledge, art and self-help books, The books are rotated across the libraries once in three months. In addition, computer training is provided. The Foundation also offers uniforms and sports equipment to the children.

Health in School

Regular health checks, including dental and eye check-ups for the children are conducted by the Gramothan Foundation every quarter. Where medical issues are found, the Foundation offers appropriate medical facilities. In order to bolster the health of the children, Gramothan Foundation provides cereals along with the mid-day meal.

Smart Class

Gramothan Foundation has created a pilot programme that offers Smart Classes for students from classes one through five. Based on the success of the classes, students from higher classes will be enrolled.

Activities done in the year 2023

Our Gramothan Foundation organization helps the GLPS schools those come under the limit of D.B.Kuppe village by providing necessary basic facilities through which it is providing good quality education to the children of this forest border(edge) areas likewise this Organization is working.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Providing basic facilities to the School.
  • To make 2 schools of this part(area) as model schools & provide quality education.
  • To inculcate discipline & social awareness in children.
  • To recognize & encourage individual talents in children.
  • Enhancing nutrition in children.
  • Strive for all-round development of children.
  • It aims to provide good quality education by assigning 3 teachers to the two schools.

Glimpses of our recent activities

New School constructed with 4 classrooms, kitchen, toilets and a playground in Pavagada Taluk in Tumkur Dist.

Construction of school at Bhogapura

Renovation of toilets

School Maintenance

Health checkup camps at school

Sports material distribution

Computer training


Distribution of Note books & study materials

Scholarships distributed to pursue higher studies

Mid day meals with pulses

School Development

School Development

School Development

School Development

School Development

School Development

School Development

Impact of our education programs

In backward area, even though there are government schools, they are deprived of basic amenities. Providing the basic facilities like building facilities, toilet facilities, cleanliness of playground, notebook, pencil, uniform, stich etc. were helpful for the learning of children.

While there was a scarcity of teachers, our organization provided the teachers & understood the level of children learning which will be helpful for the children to engage in learning.

As it is forest border(edge) village, malnutrition is found in children. To eliminate it among children we provide the nutritious food & powder of millets(cereals). It become very helpful to them.

From our organization medical checkup will be organized once in three months. If found unhealthy among children, treatment will be provided. Therefore it becomes helpful for children to involve in their learning.

Yoga & grains are helpful to make children’s mentality strong.

Extra curricular activities are helpful to recognize children’s talent.

The facilities provided were helpful in providing awareness about personal hygiene & social awareness.

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