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Health Initiatives

Our Clinics provide treatments both in Ayurveda & Allopathy. Majority of the tribals prefer home medicines. We have initiated Health camps in many villages and also provided free medicines. The tribals have now started visiting our clinics in small numbers.

Villagers suffer from different ailments, animal bites and are prone to alcohol. There are no proper medical facilities in the villages and they had to travel 40 kms crossing the forest for their treatments.

GF Provides affordable solutions for quality health by preventive and curative healthcare services with a team of medical experts in Allopathy & Ayurveda doctors along with two therapists. Comprehensive health programs are conducted to ensure good health for the villagers at a very low cost with basic infrastructure and has extended access to facilities :

  • Two Ayurveda Clinics & Panchakarma000
  • Weekly Allopathic medical camps
  • Eye screening camp & surgery
  • Regular Village and tribal health check up / School health check up
  • Treatment for abnormal patients
  • Dental check up

Health Clinics

Gramothan Foundation conducts regular health check-ups in the villages in order to ensure that every villager has access to good health. This includes, school and anganwadi check-ups, Antenatal Care (ANC) and Postnatal care (PNC) for pregnant women, balopachara etc. Apart from these we also make people aware of various home remedies to cure small ailments.

Ayurveda and Allopathy

Gramothan Foundation conducts wellness programmes and yoga classes every fortnight in the adopted villages to educate and assist ladies and children to lead a healthy life ; and treatment is provided. While the tribal people historically have a preference for home remedies, they have now started visiting Gramothan Foundation clinics.

Eye and Dental checkup

Once each year, Gramothan Foundation arranges eye and dental camps. Free spectacles are given, where required.. Based on reports, patients who need further treatment are referred to hospitals in Mysore or HD Kote. The Foundation also supports people who need eye surgery or other optical treatments.

Care for People with Physical Disability and Mental Illness

Gramothan Foundation supports people with physical disabilities to start small businesses. In association with the Forest Department, the Foundation provided physically challenged people with equipment like walkers, shoes, wheelchairs, etc. Most people with mental health issues in the DB Kote Grama Panchayat area end up being neglected by their families. Gramothan Foundation supports the treatment of such people at Chittadama Hospital in HD Kote and there has been considerable progress in the health of the patients.

Take Care of Physically Disabled People

We offer support for initiating small businesses for handicapped and physically challenged people. GF in association with the Forest dept. provided physically challenged equipment like walkers, shoes, wheelchairs etc.

Activities done in the year 2023

Our Gramothan Foundation gives much preference to the health at the D.B.Kuppe panchayath limit. As it is forest border(edge) villages, there are no hospitals. Therefore our organization came forward to provide treatment to the villagers. Also from the point of health conditions of the villagers, we organized health camps among the hoodies & villages and provided free treatment. Also 2 clinics were opened & provided treatment. One Doctor & two Nurses are working in our clinic.

  • By including 13 villages & 7 hadies, each month health checkup will be conducted & free treatment will be provided.
  • Old age camp & village camp will be organized & we will be going to each doors to provide the free treatment after the free checkup.
  • Free sugar & BP camps will be organized.
  • Eye checkups will be conducted twice every year & will be conducting eye surgeries to the needful & also providing the spectacles to them.
  • Treatment will be provided to the terminally ill patients.
  • Health awareness programs will be organized among the villages & hadies.
  • Free treatment will be provided to age old people & single parents.
  • By providing preference to the ayurvedic system & by providing ayurvedic treatment improving the health of the people.
  • Abhyanga Sweda.
  • By organizing fertility camp after close consultation & involving them to the treatment.
  • Other than the limit of D.B.Kuppe, ayurvedic camps will be conducted at other backward villages & treatment will be provided.
  • During the time of conducting health camps in the schools, villages & hadies, surgery facilities will be provided to those who will be in need of them.
  • Mental patients will be sent to the hospitals of the town limits every month for the free treatment.
  • Old age people will be sent to the hospitals in the town limit.

Glimpses of our recent activities

Village Health Check up

ANC & PNC care

Old age Health Checkup

School Health Check up

Tribal Health Check up

Health check up for mentally retarded

Anganwadi health check up

Eye Check up at the villages

Eye Check up at the villages

Yoga at School

Yoga at School

Health Camp at Schools

Health Camp at Schools

Health Camp at Schools

Health Camp at Schools

Health Camp at Schools

Health Camp at Schools

Health Camp at Schools

Old Age Health Camps

Old Age Health Camps

Old Age Health Camps

Impact of our Health programs

Giving first aid treatment

Due to giving more preference to Ayurveda, there will be no side effects.

Improving health by doing old age & village camp.

Health awareness programs at villages & hadies.

Surgical assistance to the economically backward patients.

Personal hygiene in highly prioritized.

Live a disease free life in the hadies & villages.

Free consultation & treatment to the needy patients.

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