Women and Children Development

Our Vision

To teach, equip, train and facilitate in improving the productivity of the people and the land they live in.

Support for Single-Parent Children with Education and Medical facilities

Since our inception, Gramothan Foundation has supported many single-parent children from schools, anganwadis and colleges with access to education and medical facilities. In addition, the Foundation has sponsored a variety of the requirements of education, including school bags, books, stationery, uniforms , bus pass, Admission fees, Hostel fee and health through our clinic.

Training in Tailoring and Embroidery

A large percentage of the women in the villages of rural India are denied basic rights like education, employment and a respectable status in society. The objective of this initiative by Gramothan Foundation is to develop skills and offer vocational training to among the women of DB Kuppe Grama Panchayat, thereby offering them the opportunity to be economically independent by offering a source of income generation and boost their confidence.

The Foundation has completed countless number of batches of certified training in tailoring for women and sponsored high-speed sewing machines to help them get started on their journey towards self-reliance. A large number of the women who completed the training have started working from home and earning about Rs. 8,000 per month.

Working with Parihar Foundation – an NGO under the Bengaluru City Police – Gramothan Foundation offers counseling support for women who are victims of domestic violence.

Women Self-Help Group

Gramothan Foundation has created a women’s self-help group to bring women together to become entrepreneurs, understand the intricacies of setting up & running a business and promote savings. They are supported to create businesses like goat-rearing, cattle & dairy farming, running a petty shop, etc. by the Gramothan Foundation’s Souharda Bank and National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD).

Activities done in the year 2022

Most women in the villages are denied with basic rights like education, employment and respectable status in the society. The objective of this initiative is skill development and vocational training to all the women with a hope to make them independent and boost their confidence and providing them means for finding sources of income generation.

  • Self-help groups were formed to promote savings for their support through our bank.

  • Loan facilities through NABAARD for women to start small business for their livelihood.

  • Support to children’s education and health for single parent children.

  • Support for women counseling for domestic violence through Parihar Foundation - An NGO under Bangalore City Police.

  • Training in Tailoring in DB Kuppe Village and in Bangalore through Parihar.

Glimpses of our recent activities

Training in Tailoring

Training in Tailoring

NABARD Loan facilities

NABARD Loan facilities

Asha Kirana program

Support for the counselling center at 'Parihar'

Women Skill Development program

Support for the counselling center at 'Parihar'

Sponsored sewing machines

Women Skill Development program

Impact of our Women Empowerment programmes

Trained about 150 ladies for tailoring. 30% of the trained ladies are self-employed and have generated income for their livelihood.

Being conservative and superstitious, Tribals do not indulge in any activities outside their culture. Through GF, they have been created an opportunity to learn value-added products apart from tailoring, honey bee farming and Natural products like Amla, chilly and other products that are grown in forest.

Widow’s who are supported by GF are today self-dependent and earn for their own livelihood and supporting their children to pursue their education.

Apart from earning opportunity, the women are also able to achieve self-belief and status in the society allowing them to live with dignity.

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